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Lisa Pearson has been a public company CMO; a career marketer; principle in a venture development group; a board member and a strategic advisor to the best known brands in the world including American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Yahoo!, Dell and more. She is an active board member of two companies, Alert Logic and FlowNonFiction, and an advisor to many.

 She now currently serves as the CEO of Umbel, a data analytics company headquartered in Austin, TX.

A New Orleans native, Lisa grew up in a family that savors storytelling. She enjoys sharing information and ideas and is a well-regarded speaker on data, millennial buying behaviors, digital marketing and anything else she can get people to listen to. She has been interviewed in the Economist, quoted in Forbes, and spoken at some of the world's most progressive conferences.

Having spent a significant amount of her long career in male-dominated environments, Lisa is passionate about helping emerging women leaders become successful in similar environments. From being honest about the challenges women face professionally, especially in tech companies, to offering candid feedback on what they need to do become successful, she is excited to play a role in developing as many women leaders as possible.

A NYC transplant, she now calls Austin home and has traded bagels for breakfast tacos.



the culture of the workplaces she was in early in her career promoted, “the idea that you should be less womanly and blend in with the men to be successful.” what is needed instead is “pushing for cultural shifts against sameness.”

Huffington Post | Tackling The Future: CEO’s Game Plan To End Gender Bias In Sports, Tech

"People are motivated by different things and to assume that what they value is the same as what you do can have a catastrophic impact. I also realized that when you start to shift your mindset, you start to get the best of people."

Crains | If I Knew Then

What Pearson has learned is that in Austin, you don’t have to go it alone.“There’s a real commitment to entrepreneurship here and so many emerging companies,” she said. “There’s a lot that we can do better, like being more in tune to macro trends across the country and hosting stronger consumer brands – but there’s an incredibly supportive tech ecosystem and plenty of resources to address those changes."

Comcast Startup Scene: Austin, Texas

"Consumers have lost interest in the idealized ad campaigns that brands have created for their products. Instead, they want to know about the actual user experience which reviews provide."

Forbes Why Brands Need to Embrace The Online Review 

"I don’t think brands understand there’s a part of that contract they need to honor, which is to deliver relevant content, to be trustworthy, to behave in an authentic way, to give more than take."

The Economist Group | Lean Back CMOment: Keeping online reviews honest 

"Marketers have to think about the complete and sometimes complex path to purchase and how to influence and create consistency every step along the way."

The Experience Effect | Frictionless Commerce

"I love that I’m in a business that’s about sharing real opinions, I feel like everything I’ve ever done professionally has lined-up perfectly with my own interests and led to this point."

Of | Mercer | Career Profile: Lisa Pearson



Lisa Pearson is an accomplished speaker on data, ecommerce, women in technology, marketing trends and millennial purchasing patterns, Pearson has keynoted several global conferences, is a five time SXSWi speaker and is debuting at the 2017 Texas Conference for Women. Her style is approachable and story-led. She hates small fonts and ugly PowerPoints, but loves making complex topics simple and relatable.

  PHOTO BY ERIKA RICH.    Lisa Pearson, CEO of Umbel (center) says deliberate action will change bias. (L, Kerry Rump; R, Ann Marie Schneider.)


Lisa Pearson, CEO of Umbel (center) says deliberate action will change bias. (L, Kerry Rump; R, Ann Marie Schneider.)


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  Lisa Pearson at SXSW Interactive 2016

Lisa Pearson at SXSW Interactive 2016



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