One of my New Year’s resolutions is to continue to look for ways to support the women in my life. I feel so privileged to have worked with and for so many incredible women, and I want to do my part to pay that support forward. To get inspired, I gathered articles and videos highlighting women who have made a big dent in the world in 2015. I’m inspired by many of these women and whether I agree or not with their perspectives, I applaud their courage and tenacity. Can’t wait to see more woman making an impact in 2016!

Women Who Changed the World in 2015

CNN nominated women who changed the world in 2015, gradually removing the power from only the man’s hand. This list includes the new faces who have "inspired, defied, guided or moved the world." Regardless of our personal opinions on these matters, these women are paving the way to gender equality.

Inspirational Women in the Spotlight Working Towards Gender Neutrality

What's Trending Fem, a  relatively new YouTube channel revolving around gender equality issues, put together a reel of women in the spotlight in 2015 who are driving the movement towards creating a more gender neutral world. They talk about the daily challenges women face regarding their race, sexual orientation and general struggles of women in our current world.

10 TED Talks ALL Women and Men Should Add to Their Watch Lists

As you prepare your list of ‘must watch’ shows and movies for this year, go ahead and these 10 TED talks to your list. Her Story selected 10 inspirational TED talks given by women in 2015 that range from topics like ‘bad feminism’ to women empowerment. They are sure to give you chills and leave you with that warm, fuzzy, ‘We can do it!’ feeling.

How Setting Goals Can Nurture Ambition

Lisa Abeyta, founder/CEO of APPCityLife Inc., says she approaches her personal aspirations by setting professional goals at the beginning of each year, most of which seem far fetched. Over time she has found the most of her stretch goals are the ones she accomplishes. She credits the help of inspirational women, some friends and mentors and others inspiring women in the world, to her success and ambitions.