It's More Than Just a Promotion...

There are so many reasons I am excited to become President of Umbel.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of data and feel confident it will be the most valuable industry of the future. And though we're a startup, we already have an impressive roster of clients, not to mention I have the honor to work with brilliant, creative people who inspire me daily.'

But there's an even bigger reason for me to be excited. 

Years ago, I took my then 9 year old daughter to UT Austin's Girl's Day of Engineering. She spent a full day coding and learning about tech with dozens of other girls and had a blast. However, if you have been around technology at all, you are probably well aware that women engineers are in extremely short supply and the tech world is dominated by male engineers. 

The next day, I noticed she was a bit pensive. When prodded, she asked, "Do you think we will ever live in a world where boys are allowed to be engineers?"

How amazing. Just one day of seeing girls in an engineering role opened up a new understanding of the limitless borders for girls, in her mind.

If girls see women engineers, they believe they can be engineers, too. If a girl sees a woman rise in the executive ranks, that possibility becomes an option for them, too.

I'm excited about Umbel and even more excited about the path ahead for all the girls I know.