"Marketers have to think about the complete and sometimes complex path to purchase and how to influence and create consistency every step along the way."

The Experience Effect | Frictionless Commerce 

"I love that I'm in a business that's all about sharing real opinions. I feel like everything I've ever done professionally has lined-up perfectly with my own interests and led to this point."

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"Bazaarvoice CMO Lisa Pearson discusses her view on user-generated content and visual storytelling."

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"Consumers have lost interest in the idealized ad campaigns that brands have created for their products. Instead, they want to know about the actual user experience which reviews provide."

Forbes | Why Brands Need to Embrace The Online Review 

"Lisa Pearson, CMO at Bazaarvoice, said the company would like the mark to become shorthand for consumers that the reviews they are reading have been authenticated by a third party. The company – who says 400 million people per month use its network to share opinions – vets reviews using both technology and human analysis."

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"Lisa Pearson talks to 3M about her insights on the buying behaviors of Gen Y and trends of social media."

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"I am the CMO of Bazaarvoice. I oversee demand generation and our global corporate brand, which includes PR, analyst relations, social presence, field and product marketing, and events such as our flagship Social Commerce Summit."

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